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Manual chain hoists

Manual chain hoists are compact and light, which makes them easy to transport and install.
Load capacity: 1 to 20T. Standard with 6 meter lifting height.

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  • Handkettingtakel 1T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 2T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 3T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 5T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 7.5T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 10T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 16T, 6m
  • Handkettingtakel 20T, 6m

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Lever hoists

Our lever hoists are extremely versatile tools and can be used for positioning, pulling, fixing and towing applications. It can be used under all types of angles and can even be used in reverse. Lever hoists are ideal for small spaces. Load capacity: 0.75 to 6 T. Standard with 6 meter lifting height.

Manual trolleys

Manual trolleys can be mounted at any point of the I-beam. They can be easily adjusted to the various beam widths. Please quote flange width when placing your order. Load capacity: 3 to 10T

Air Hoists

Air chain hoists are free of complicated electronic components and can be used in virtually any environment. This also makes them ideal for use in explosive atmospheres and a range of other harsh operating conditions. Our air chain hoists are designed for an optimum weight-power ratio. Load capacity: 0.25 to 50 t Air pressure: 6 bar • Standard Features • Suitable for application in hazardous areas (Explosion protection) • Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads • Easy operation • Suitable for lube-free operation • Frequent switching and extended duty cycles • Low maintenance • Low headroom, lightweight • Sound absorption • Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20°C up to +70°C • From 1 t upwards with overload protection (EC-version) Rates are excl. VAT, transportation and maintenance. Other terms and conditions according to our rental conditions can be found in downloads.

Universal Superclamps

TechRent heeft ook Universal Superclamps te huur. De voordelen van Universal Superclamps: Kan volledig worden belast onder elke hoek, d.w.z. 90°C in 360°C rotatie Ontworpen voor zijwaartse belasting op met volledige capaciteit Geringe inbouwhoogte Eén of twee hijsogen Lichtgewicht ontwerp Grip op de flens en het web van de balk Gebruikt voor tillen, trekken of als ankerpunt